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Handrail Storage RackHandrail Storage Rack

Handrail Storage Rack

$1,670.00 SKU: 6502

All aluminum Handrail Storage Rack can hold up to 35 Removable Stake Pocket Rails and can be transported easily using a forklift. It helps provide storage simplicity and eases the mobility of the product to the point of use.

Trucker I LadderTrucker I Ladder

Trucker I Ladder

$470.00$540.00 SKU: 6900

The Trucker I ladder is designed to assure the user has (3) points of contact. The design features an aggressive slip-resistant tread and two folding handrails. The Trucker I will mount in the stake pockets or rub rail of flatbed trailers. Steel mounting bracket also available.

Gator Tailgate LadderGator Tailgate Ladder

Gator Tailgate Ladder

$275.00$350.00 SKU: 6705

Includes Anti-Slip step material, folding handle for safe access. Rotates 90 degrees for convenient, compact storage on tailgates. Light-Weight, All Aluminum Construction.

Trucker I + Shelf Storage Rack ComboTrucker I + Shelf Storage Rack Combo

Trucker I + Shelf Storage Rack Combo

$595.00$675.00 SKU: 6900 + 6000

Truck drivers love the convenience of an Under Trailer Storage rack designed specially for the Trucker I trailer ladder. Purchase both items at a low cost package price and receive a 20% discount off the combined retail price of both items.

Trucker I + Upright Storage Rack ComboTrucker I + Upright Storage Rack Combo

Trucker I + Upright Storage Rack Combo

$595.00$675.00 SKU: 6900 + 6005

The Trucker I trailer ladder is a safe, convenient, and durable ladder for your flatbed trailer. The Upright Storage Rack provides lockable storage for your Trucker ladder. Purchase the two items together to receive a 20% total cost discount.