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Trucker I Ladder

Designed to assure the user has three points of contact, the Trucker I Ladder features an aggressive slip-resistant tread and two folding handrails. The Trucker I mounts in the stake pockets or rub rail of flatbed trailers. Order yours now!


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IAS products are OSHA Approved and ANSI Rated.
Trucker I Ladder

Trucker Series Ladders

4' Mobile Work Platform + Trucker I Ladder

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Docker Dock Ladder

Slip Resistant Marine Ladders

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Innovative Access Solutions (IAS®) is a supplier of established product lines including Trucker® Series trailer access, marine recreation access, and custom access product design. We provide work safety solutions for industries and consumers across the US and Canada.

Our products are quality-engineered, safe and durable. We understand that OSHA approved access is important and provide valuable support services to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Need to build a custom ladder, access product or bench? IAS® excels in custom product design. In addition to delivering on specifications and safety, we are able to customize to fit your truck style, facility, or to apply a color theme to match your company brand or sports team.


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