Providing Safe, Practical Access Products Since 1999

Innovative Access Solutions, LLC (IAS®) is a producer of quality ergonomic aluminum ladders and custom access solutions, such as the IAS Under Trucker Truck Ladder. Since 1999, we have produced a variety of truck trailer access products within The Trucker® Series. We provide safe access products in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Serving customers across the United States and Canada, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a great product to meet your access needs.

IAS was originally a division of Site-Safe Companies. Site-Safe PS was formed in 1999 to produce, distribute, and sell ProStep access ladders. However, in 2010, Site-Safe PS branched off to form Innovative Access Solutions, LLC. IAS produces industrial access solutions to custom specifications while manufacturing, growing, and distributing The Trucker® Series Access.

Increasing Safety is Our #1 Accessibility Goal

IAS provides safe and affordable ladder products to truck drivers and work safety managers, as well as access solutions that support OSHA safety regulations at manufacturing facilities, marine boatyards, mining and energy, and construction sites, in addition to public and commercial settings.

Safety is our #1 Goal. As a result, our commitment to customer service and product satisfaction enables us to meet and exceed your safety and accessibility goals. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to meet your delivery needs, technical questions and, above all, make your experience working with us a great one.

IAS Trucker® Trailer Access

The IAS flagship Trucker® Series includes the Trucker I ladder, a portable and durable aluminum ladder for flatbed trailers. The Trucker Series ladders are ANSI rated as a maximum weight support (375 lb.) Special Duty ladder. Building upon the Trucker I’s reputation and popularity, IAS® has also expanded The Trucker series into a variety of trailer applications, color and size variations, and mounting and storage options.

The Trucker® Series ladders fold up compactly for lightweight portability and can be stored in mounted storage racks or sold as a ladder/rack combination. A lightweight, portable, and ANSI-rated durable flatbed work platform is also available to provide flatbed fall protection safety, providing a safety rail and work area for employee trailer activities.

Marine & Outdoor Recreation

The IAS Marine Series product line includes ProStep boat boarding and dock ladders, as well as the popular Dog Step Dock Ladder. Tooner pontoon ladders and Docker Dock ladder are popular aftermarket upgrades that provide safety and convenience. An aluminum bench is also available in a variety of colors for outdoor and recreational settings.

OSHA-Friendly Custom Accessibility & Fall Protection Safety

At IAS, we excel in custom product design. Whether you need access to tall machinery, specialty loft or agricultural ladders, access for business and commercial facilities, or most any related need, we can deliver a practical, OSHA safe solution.

For quote requests or design consultation, call toll-free. We can also be contacted through submission of our online contact form.

A selection of Custom Products manufactured at IAS includes…

  • crossover ladders and platforms
  • equipment and material storage access
  • steps, ramps and catwalks
  • rail car and truck bed access
  • multi-level access fall protection
  • commercial or public area seating and staircases
  • and much more..just imagine an access need and we will engineer to impress

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since IAS’s inception more than 15 years ago, we have prided ourselves on providing great customer service and working to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. As a result, our custom products are supported by service-focused site visits, prototypes, and delivery, as well as installation.

For additional information, please contact us at 800.388.6884 or 270.230.0115.

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